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Interior Redesign Services

In this approach, we rearrange your existing furniture and accessories to create a new look for each room in your home, and if necessary, we select new accessories to complete the design of your room. The idea behind this solution is to bring to life things in your home that look tired or aren't used.

We Can:

  • Create New Floor Plans For Your Home
  • Reupholster Your Furniture For A Fresh New Look
  • Design Window Treatments For Your Rooms
  • Suggest Paint Color Ideas
  • Redesign Your Entire Room Or Home

You have a/or want to…

  • a room that just doesn't feel right, doesn't have the look you want or just doesn't work for you.
  • a room that no one ever uses or what to do
  • a space needs something, but you're not sure what to get, or where to go, and you know that you don't have time to shop around
  • a room that needs a color change, or you think an accent color would do better, but you need help in deciding which color to choose
  • space that overwhelms you now, because there are empty room(s) and you don't know where to start to pull it altogether or what to put in these room(s)
  • your room(s) is missing something and you're not sure what
  • you have a limited budget and want to initiate changes in your home or office

  • make your open floor plan have a finished look and you don't know where wall treatments should begin or end, or where to place your furnishings
  • recover or buy new furniture and draperies but finding the right fabric is confusing
  • have too much or too little furniture and don't know which pieces to keep or buy
  • know where is the best place to put a special piece of furniture


Are You...

  • moving and want your home to sell quickly for the best price
  • relocating and moving into a new home and trying to get the best use out of your new spaces with your existing furnishings
  • on a limited budget and want a new look for a room or your home using what you already have
  • downsizing or dividing your household
  • moving to a smaller or larger house
  • moving into senior housing

If you answered YES to any of the above...
then you are ready for Wes-Lee interior redesign!

Maximum Interiors! Minimum Budget!


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